Many moms feel frenzied with the number of responsibilities they are trying to juggle. Homeschooling can often seem like an insurmountable task when we factor in everything else we are responsible for. Each season has it’s own challenges and joys. We all need different things at different points in our journey. Sometimes we need a breath of encouragement to help us press through a difficult season. Sometimes we need just the right life hack in order to simplify a task. Sometimes we just need to know that we aren’t alone in our journey. It is possible to care for our families, our homes, and educate our kids without losing our sanity in the process. If you are needing support and encouragement, you have come to the right place.

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 Considering homeschool for your family? Read articles that can help you decide if homeschool is right for your family.

Experienced homeschool mom? Gain some fresh ideas and encouragement for the journey.

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Moms have a multitude of responsibilities these days ranging from the chef, housekeeper, accountant, and everything in between.

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What does your family value? What does your family need during this stage or season? Pre-planning, minimalism, or simplicity? Explore different options that may (or may not!) meet your families current needs.