I’m Stephanie-a lover of chocolate and books, in no particular order, but together is better! I write about our family’s journey towards intentionality here at www.blessedlivelymess.com. We are not “minimalists”. For me, that term conjures up thoughts of sterile white rooms that are void of life. That is absolutely not any room in our home! I strongly prefer the terms “intentionalist” or “intentionality advocate”. Sometimes things can be crazy, a little a LOT noisy, and messy in our home. Can you relate? My husband and I have slowly been removing distractions and outside noise in our lives so we have the resources for the people and things in our lives that matter most. We are undoubtedly a work in progress, but we are slowly moving towards living our lives in ways that are important to us. Some of the areas we are focusing on intentional choices for our family are:


  • Our marriage
    • Marriage can be difficult, but with God in the middle it can be amazing.
  • Our children’s education
    • We have decided homeschool is the best way to imprint our family’s values on our children. We also believe each child does their best with an education tailored to their individual needs, abilities, and interests.
  • Our time and energy
    • If we don’t assign how we want to spend these resources and put healthy boundaries in place we will be left wondering why we don’t have enough of them.
  • Our relationships
  • Our foster and adoption journey
    • We are currently working to adopt two siblings out of foster care. Navigating foster care and adoption is hard, beautiful, overwhelming, and messy.
  • Our finances
    • This is definitely still a major work in progress-but we are making progress!
  • Streamlining our responsibilities
    • Childcare, house cleaning, finances… The list goes on and on. Is it possible that some of the numerous responsibilities we face as moms can be broken down, simplified, or aren’t even really responsibilities that are required of us at all?


I hope you will adventure with us as God continues to write our story as well as yours!