Welcome to blessed lively mess


Hello there! My name is Stephanie. I write about our family’s adventures in life and homeschooling here on Blessed Lively Mess. I don’t know about you, but married life and motherhood has changed me in ways that I never would have thought possible. Someone should have provided me with warning labels about marriage and children. I’m still waiting on that parenting manual.


Luckily, the joy and love that I’m blessed with far outweigh the fear and chaos. Well, ok, so the chaos does still occasionally win some days. Can you relate? Thankfully, I’ve learned some tips, tricks, and habits along the way that have helped to cut back on the chaos and fear.


My family is obviously a large part of my life and my blog. I would love to introduce you to my family.


Scott is a dream chaser and a go getter. I love this about my husband but sometimes this can stretch me way out of my comfort zone. I wouldn’t want him any other way though. He is a paramedic and recently obtained his pilot’s license.

Emily is our oldest who can usually be found cuddled up with a book and one of our dogs or cats. She is fond of singing, being outdoors, photography, anything to do with animals, and spending time hanging out with family. She is independent and down to earth.

Grace has two speeds: warp and asleep! She is a ball of energy and our resident artist. When she doesn’t have a paintbrush or marker in her hand, she is usually reading or dancing to music somewhere. Her loving spirit and tenderness towards those in need melts my heart.



(Names of minors have been changed because the internet is a crazy place people!)